Customer, Environment and Safety


The SMI Group’s more than 50 years of success in the multidirectional transport market testify to the strong attention to detail.



Operational comfort

Particular attention was given to the design and comfort features. The vibrations induced on the mechanical components are minimized and provide maximum silence. During transport, the customer perceives the lightness of movement.

Italian design

The handrail and stairs can be provided in a variety of colors and even the lighting system can be customized for harmonious integration. Aluminium or stainless steel access platforms can be customized with any logo.

Tactile experience

For the high quality of the materials choesn and the possibilities of customization, each SMI project is unique. The handrail, balustrades, exterior lining and important grooves of walkways and carpets lend a sense of comfort to the customer.

Stop & Go

The use of smart photocells placed at the ends of the ladder and the moving carpet ensures the gentle start of the traction engine by improving the customer experience in the restart of the Escalator or Moving Walkway.




The engine technology chosen for SMI scales and moving carpets saves 30% compared to traditional motors. Our small contribution to the preservation of our planet.

Automatic lubrification

The technology system adopted for SMI Escalators and Moving Walkways ensures optimal oiling throughout the operating period. Thanks to this approach, the lubrication of chains is punctual, costed and uniform. The components work in perfect condition and the use is safer.

QSS: Quick step substitution

The steps and platforms of SMI escalators and escalators are designed to be easily disassembled and reduced waste. This operational feature reduces the replacement time and increases the operating time.

Stop & go (VVF*)

SMI escalators and moving walkways can be equipped with Stop&Go auto-start technology.

The traction engine, combined with the Stop&Go system, adjusts the frequency velocity (VVF) through the intelligent use of photocells positioned at both the ends of the Escalators and Moving Walkways.

In the absence of users, the engine slows the speed down to 0.2m/s and then stops completely allowing significant energy savings and efficient use of materials and mechanical parts.

sicurezza ascensore



State-of-the-art technology reduces the stress from component fatigue. The handrail lasts longer and the customer leans confidently.

Stop&go (VVF*)

The system can be programmed to the context of use of the escalator and moving walkway.

Together, we create
customer value.