5 December 2022
Le scale mobili non sono un parco giochi

Escalators are not a playground

5 December 2022
Tappeti mobili nei centri commerciali

Moving walkways for shopping centers

19 April 2022

A technological breakthrough in the field of remote assistance on escalators and moving walks

19 April 2022

Escalators: an opportunity for Italian small and medium elevator companies

23 February 2022

4 steps to win BIG in the escalator business

12 May 2020

SMI ITALIA provides concrete solutions for a healthy and safe use of escalators and moving walkways

15 January 2020

CEPAS Qualified Training Course

17 December 2018

Escalator upgrades and restyling

SMI is pleased to announce that the restyling of the escalator at the Cinema multiplex “Le Giraffe”
17 October 2018

Training course in English